This is the cause for the flush and Graying Hair

This is the cause for the flush and Graying Hair -  Indonesia people most have black hair due to pigmentation naturally. There are only a few among them who had red hair and greying. Gray hair usually appears due to certain factors such as stress, old age, symptoms of a disease, and malnutrition.

This is the cause for the flush and Graying Hair

Sometimes black hair is considered one of the symbols of the hair that is fertile and ideal. It encourages lots of society looking for ways to discolor the hair naturally. Actually, discolor hair is easy, even you do not need to get out a lot of capital to go to a salon. But before discussing how to naturally blacken hair, check out in advance their causes here.

Flush and Graying Hair Causes
  • Genetic factors: when you have red-haired parents, then indirectly the gene will make you hair blush. So, don't be surprised when you have other people with red hair.
  • Often exposed to the Sun's rays: UVA and UVB rays are exposed can also cause hair to become flushed. This could happen because of the pigment of the hair are broken down by the heat of the Sun, especially when the day arrives.
  • Shampoos that do not fit in: some shampoos that contain many chemicals such as alcohol, they have the nature of heat and can dissolve the black pigment of the hair.
  • The use of hair gel: usually hair gel is widely used by the men. Although we can make styling your hair, the use of a gel that does not match the hair will result in problematic.
  • Rebonding: the use of hairdryer and rebounding seems to me actually very damaging to hair. because the process will make the composition of pigments and natural hair cells are disrupted. Finally, the pop-up variety problems such as hair loss, red, easily broken, grey hair, and so on. (read: how to straighten hair without rebounding).
  • Dye my hair: for you who love to dye my hair, especially the non-colored paint black, please always be alert with the advent of less attractive color on the hair.
That's is This is the cause for the flush and Graying Hair, hope useful for us,,,, 

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