Here's The 5 Causes Of Yellow Teeth

Here are The 5 Causes Of Yellow Teeth,  You are the type of person that easy smile? Do you already feel confident with your smile? wait a minute. Dental smile when you point out is already shining white or yellow instead? Got yellow teeth naturally makes people who see your smile quite disgusted and uncomfortable. Yellow teeth can be the cause of You teased by your friends. Anyway got yellow teeth that don't really. make confident, did not already want to talk, want to shy smile of embarrassment. Not delicious right? Know first cause yellow teeth before you start trying how to whiten teeth.

Causes of yellow teeth
1. How to brush your teeth is wrong
We rarely realize that we brush our teeth with the wrong way. There may be some who think, which is essential in order that the toothbrush mouth doesn't stink. This certainly is the wrong way of thinking. Because if you are brushing your teeth, then random leftovers on your teeth will not perfectly. This will cause the germs on the food scraps to make your teeth becomes yellow. Therefore, begin implementing ways to properly brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes.

2. Rarely brushing teeth
Causes of yellow teeth next are rarely brushing my teeth. When you are seldom lazy and rubbing your teeth, then the remaining food will accumulate and make your teeth becomes yellow. Rajinlah brushing your teeth twice a day. After breakfast and before bedtime.

3. Smoking habit.
The nicotine in cigarettes can cause teeth to become yellow

4. Coffee
High caffeine content in coffee could make the teeth become yellow. Even if your habit of drinking coffee, teeth can even be black.

5. Alcohol
The habit of drinking alcoholic beverages can also cause teeth become yellow. Not only that, the alcohol indeed is actually not good for your health.

Well, that's the cause of why your teeth may become yellow. Then you must continue to feel confident having yellow teeth. Just You watch how to whiten teeth below.

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