Here Are 5 Risks Of Nose With Surgery

For the sake of having a nose high, many people prefer doing nasal make sharp way through surgery to have the shape of the nose that coveted job. However, it is not always a way make sharp nose surgery. In fact, in addition to having to spend a lot of money, select the operation as an option the way the make sharp nose quickly have a dangerous risk.

The risk of making sharp Nasal Surgery:

1. Bleeding
Usually, after the surgery, the bleeding will occur because of the slashed body parts when performing the operation does not perfectly closed. If only for a little while might not be anything, but when the bleeding does not stop, it is not impossible to your life is at stake.

2. The proportion of the face is not ideal
Not forever operation process can run smoothly. It could just be an error occurred during the process of operating procedures. As a result of facial proportions could just be weird or not ideal due to the shape of the nose that impressed imposed through surgery.

3. A scar
Due to an error occurred operating procedure not only causes the face to become disproportionate or even look strange, scars after surgery as well. The presence of a scar that appears naturally, in fact, would ruin your appearance

4. The nose tilts
Sloping nose is not caused because knocked over or elbowed something. Put an implant that is too high and not enough on the nose can make the nose even looks so lopsided.

5. The form of the nose are not appropriate
It is not impossible after the operation is finished, the shape of your nose is not as you want.

In addition to performing surgery, beauty clinic also offers a way to make sharp the nose through the filler nose that he said is much safer than surgery. Filler nose is made sharp nose by way of inserting the liquid substance hyaluronic acid to the bottom layer of the skin to increase the volume of the nose so that the nose can be high and tight to the skin effect.

Injection of filler in fact if done does not comply with the provisions of the applicable medical procedures also has a high risk. When the filler is injected into the nose, it could just be a doctor instead piercing blood vessels and cause bluish or hematoma. Another complication with the inclusion of filler into the blood vessels, it will clog up the blood vessels so that blood supply is not up to the network and cause tissue damage.

How to make sharp the nose through the process of good medical operation or filler turned out both have risks that are harmful to your body. Then you have to spend a lot of money and still did not know whether the result will be as desired or not, you better be thankful for your nose. Grateful for what God has given.

But if you still insist on having a high nose, there is a safe, easy way, and of course without the risk that you can try. You need to try a way make sharp the nose naturally though it takes longer, the result is no less stunning than with getting a high nose through surgery.

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