6 Diarrhea Medicine for Adults from Natural Materials

6 Diarrhea Medicine for Adults from Natural Materials -  Different age difference also handling. To treat diarrhea from now on you do not need to buy Medicine diarrhea pharmacies. Because there are actually some natural ingredients that can be used as a medicine. Here are some of them.

6 Diarrhea Drugs for Adults from Natural Materials

1. Guava

Guava is a famous fruit with its vitamin C content is high enough. In addition, guava also contains a number of important substances such as pantothenic acid, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin E, and a number of natural minerals. Of the many contents that guava has a myriad of benefits.

One of them it contains fiber that is useful to stop diarrhea. Guava fruit is actually already known long as one Medicine diarrhea. You can treat diarrhea with the consumption of guava fruit, or drink boiled water leaves. Usually only 2-3 times to drink diarrhea has healed.

2. Spice ginger

Cure diarrhea with the consumption of diarrhea Medicine in pharmacies will make it clog instantly. But the effect after that usually just cause constipation or difficult bowel movements. The solution is you can consume a traditional herb made from spice ginger.

Quoted from naturalremedyideas.com, ginger is able to cure diarrhea in just a day by mixing it with natural honey. In addition to the effect is fast, because ginger does not result in constipation so it is very fitting as a diarrhea Medicine for adults. Here's a tutorial to make the medicine.
  • Provide 1 ginger rhizome and 2 tablespoons of natural honey
  • Peel the ginger and wash it thoroughly clean
  • Bring a little ginger by pounding it
  • Boil the ginger along with a glass of water to remove the scent
  • Add the honey to the next drink while still warm.

3. Cinnamon

Usually housewives use this one ingredient for cooking. But in addition to known as a flavor enhancer of cooking and cake maker, it turns out cinnamon can be a fairly powerful traditional diarrhea Medicine.
This is because cinnamon contains some compounds such as essential oils, tannins, tannins, and calcium oxanate. Not only diarrhea alone, diseases such as maagh can be treated with this natural ingredient.

How to treat diarrhea with cinnamon:
  • Take 5 grams of cinnamon, 5 pieces of fresh guava leaves, and 600 ml of clean water
  • Boil the ingredients together with water until boiling and half left
  • Strain the water and add enough sugar. Next drink as much as 2x a day with a dose of 150 ml each.

4. Yogurt

medicine for infant and adult diarrhea
In some studies, yogurt can help 'normalize' back defecation in someone who has diarrhea. This is because the drink contains probiotic bacteria or good bacteria that can fight the bacteria that cause diarrhea that we experience.

But be careful, because not everyone is suitable when eating yogurt when diarrhea. There are some people actually diarenya getting worse after drinking yogurt. Therefore, if after drinking diarrhea yogurt is getting worse it is better to stop consumption and try other natural remedies.

5. Plant earrings

Also referred to as a cat-kucingan plant. This herbal plant contains compounds such as Acalyphine and Triacetoneamine which can treat dysentery and diarrhea naturally. In addition, it also contains alkaloids that can neutralize toxins or harmful compounds in our bodies. So once the consumption alone you will get two benefits at once.

How to make a natural diarrhea medicine from earrings:
  • Provide 35 grams of leaf earrings that have been dried
  • Boil the leaves with 2 cups water to boiling and leaving 1 cup
  • Lift, strain, then chill for a while
  • Drink the herbs 1-2 times a day until healed.

6. The root of lime

I am sure not many know the benefits of root of lemon. If the fruit is useful for boosting immune because of its vitamin C, other with its useful roots to treat diarrhea in adults. That said, this lemon root has been used since ancient times. For those of you who want to try its efficacy please practice the following tutorial.
Take the root of lemon plant as much as 10 then clean
Boil the roots together with 12 glasses of clean water and wait until leaving only 8 glasses
After that strain and drink the boiled water of lemon root regularly twice a day ie morning and evening before bed.

Natural diarrhea medicines from other traditional herbal plants:
7. The leaves of eucalyptus trees
8. Leaf Spoon
9. plasma leaves
10. komfey leaves
11. Leaf of rumble kelumba
12. Plant chicken comb
13. The roots of spinach thorn
14. Rimpang key pepet

To make diarrhea herbal medicine from plants above, you can boil it together with 4 glasses of clean water to leave half. Then drink the concoction when it is still warm 2x a day. Remember, always keep clean when making diarrhea medicines from natural ingredients above.

Maybe that's some diarrhea medicine for children and adults from the natural ingredients that we can serve. If after 3 days of taking the above herbal diarrhea medication has not healed, you should immediately consult a doctor nearby. Hopefully heal quickly and do not forget to share when useful. Regards.

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