5 Diarrhea Medicine for Children and Adults from the Most Powerful Natural ingredients

5 Diarrhea Medicine for Children and Adults from the Most Powerful Natural ingredients -  From now on do not ever underestimate the name of the diarrheal disease. Although not a serious illness like heart attacks, cancer, and diabetes, diarrhea can turn out to be fatal if not treated sincerely. Moreover, if this diarrhea occurs in your favorite baby. Launched from webmd.com, diarrhea is one of the two highest killer diseases for toddlers.

5 Diarrhea Drugs for Children and Adults from the Most Powerful Natural ingredients

A recent report by the World Health Organization (WHO) entitled "Diarrhea: why childhood is still dying and what can be done" mentions if at least 1.5 million children under five die of diarrhea. While in Indonesia alone, an estimated 25% of children aged 1 to 4 years died from diarrhea. Regarding diarrhea in this toddler, what is the cause and how to handle the right? Here are more reviews.

Causes of Diarrhea in Toddlers and Adults

Similar to the cause of diarrhea in adults, diarrhea that occurs in infants or toddlers is also caused by the influence of viruses, parasites, and bacteria in the digestive system. Germs enter through the food and drinks we consume. Even allergies to certain foods can also cause diarrhea.

Not only up there, eating spicy food also has the potential to cause diarrhea. This is due to the excessive heat sensation of chilies resulting in the stomach unable to absorb impurities in the digestive system. Some health experts also mentioned, tired and weak body condition also trigger diarrhea.

Diarrhea Medicine for Toddlers Safe from Natural Materials

If your baby is positive for diarrhea, it is imperative that you take him or her to a doctor for immediate treatment. But before bringing to the doctor, you can do first aid by giving it a natural diarrhea medicine.

Note: Remember, these Medicine should only be given to babies over 2 years of age. If your baby's age is less than that should check with your nearest doctor.

1. Water tiller

Of Mother already know a lot about water tajin. Its complete nutritional content makes it very beneficial for baby's growth. One of them is the content of the flour, vitamin C, and natural minerals. Content that is believed to relieve diarrhea suffered by infants. Water tajin has been used to treat diarrhea in toddlers since time immemorial, so usefulness no doubt. Here's how to make it.

How to make children with diarrhea medicine:
  • Boil 1/2 kg of rice with 1 liter of water
  • When it is boiling, take the water that is above it by using a ladle and pour it into a glass
  • Add a little sugar and salt. After the cold give to your child.

2. Bananas

Usually doctors will suggest that babies eat more bananas when diarrhea. This is because bananas contain high pectin which can maintain the health of the digestive system, increase absorption, and launch CHAPTER. In addition, bananas also contain potent high potassium to replace fluids lost when diarrhea.

How to treat diarrhea with bananas:
  • There are two ways to give bananas to babies. First, you give directly by using the spoon bit by bit
  • The second is to make it into juice. For toddlers is highly recommended in the form of juice for easy digestion.

3. Applesauce

Similar to bananas, apples also contain pectin which can increase the absorption of water in the intestine, so it can treat diarrhea or diarrhea in toddlers. Applesauce has been used since the first as an alternative to traditional diarrhea medicine by the ancestors. So, for the matter of efficacy, you should not doubt it again.

How to make diarrhea medicine from applesauce:
Take a fresh apple and cut it into pieces
Then boiled until the fruit texture turns soft
Crush and mix with a tablespoon of sugar
Give the applesauce to the little one after eating.

4. Give breast milk regularly

Treating baby diarrhea cannot go one way. It takes patience in doing health care digestion to be normal again. Including one by giving milk regularly. Breast milk has an important role in maintaining the baby's digestive system while preventing dehydration caused by the amount of fluid wasted through the feces. Therefore, from now on do not stop giving milk to your baby.

5. Carrot soup

Carrots are believed to contain antidyspeptic compounds that can restore the child's body condition and provide important nutrients lost during diarrhea. In addition, carrots also contain vitamin A which is good enough to care for the health of the baby's eyes. You can get the benefits by making it a carrot soup.

How to make diarrhea medicine from carrot soup:
  • Provide 500 grams of carrots. Then wash, peel, and crushed
  • Cook carrots with half a cup of clean water
  • Add a little salt so as not to bland
  • Give to your baby when it is rather warm.
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