12 Ways to Overcome Hair Natural Branches Powerfully

Healthy hair will look shiny because the flat hair cuticle layer can reflect light. Conversely, when damaged, the hair will look dull, feels dry, and even branched.

Then what exactly happened to the damaged hair and how to overcome the forked hair?

How to deal with branched hair naturally

Basically, our hair is made up of three different layers. There is an inner or medulla layer, then a cortex or a layer that surrounds the medulla, and the outer loud layer or cuticle, where it is in charge of protecting the inner lining of the hair.

The cuticle layer is very important to protect the hair of environmental influences such as sunlight, chlorine, heat, and all other hazardous materials. The cuticle part is very vulnerable to damage. If the cuticle is damaged, the inside of the hair is not protected anymore optimally.

Broken hair can occur when there is one point in the part of the thickened or weakened hair. This broken hair can occur in the proximity of the scalp so the hair will be difficult to grow into a long (bald). In addition, the hair can also be broken at the edges, this is called branched hair.

How To Get Rid Of Natural Hair Easy Branching

Hair branched problems can affect anyone, especially you women who rarely take care of hair. Although not a serious problem, the presence of branched hair makes the appearance becomes less attractive. Here are some ways to deal with naturally branched hair that you can try.

1. Cut off the tip of the hair

Cutting the ends of the hair one by one may seem very tiring, especially for those of you who have dense hair. But how else, if the hair branching off if not cut will lengthen and cause more damage.

Trim the ends of your hair regularly every 6-8 weeks. In order for your work to be lighter, ask for help from friends or others.

2. Avoid chemicals

The cause of the largest branching hair actually comes from exposure to chemicals. Should avoid petrolatum-based chemical shampoo and mineral oil.
Chemicals in the shampoo can prevent moisture in the hair. Instead, you can use shampoos made from natural herbal ingredients.

3. Avoid binding or combing hair too often

Combing the hair may include trivial activities that we often do every day. But do you know actually combing hair too often can accelerate hair damage? This can happen because of excessive hair friction.

4. Avoid excessive hair lengthening

Women certainly love to lengthen hair. Long hair can
make a woman look elegant. But the problem is, long hair that is not maintained can actually cause hair and scalp damage, can even trigger hair loss.

5. Avoid using heat tools

Styling the hair to fit the exact desire will not be separated from the use of tools such as blow drying (hair dryer), tools vise, and curling irons. Occasional hair doing using the tool may not be a problem, but it is recommended not to frequent.

6. Use a heat protective serum or spray

Sunlight can make hair easily damaged and branched. To protect it, you can use serum or hot protective spray. In addition, use also a hot protective spray when using hairdressers. Thus, the hair will not be easily damaged despite exposure to heat.

7. Do not often do bleaching

Hair coloring techniques with bleaching, ie whiten hair first, then colored, can damage the strength of hair. bleaching can actually alter the hair structure and make it very vulnerable to damage, because it makes chemical compounds into the cuticle and think about the natural pigment of hair. If you do blow drying on a bleaching hair, you will actually damage the hair.

8. Use a hair moisturizer

Moisturizers prevent hair from drying and breaking, this is very good for dealing with branched hair. Use a regular moisturizer before bed, then cover the head with a towel so as not to contaminate the pillow. Perform this kind of treatment at least 1x a week. 

9. Use conditioner

Wearing a conditioner does have many benefits, including one is able to cope with branched hair. Use conditioner regularly after finish shower shampoo.

Then dry the hair with a soft towel, or just wrap the hair with a towel to dry. Try not to use a hair dryer or other equipment so that the damage is not getting worse.

10. Pay attention to the natural content of hair care products

From now on it's good to notice any content or composition of hair care products you use. Some products that contain walnut oil, olive oil, glycerine, shea butter, or sorbitol are believed to help cope with branched hair.

11. Avoid heat and adverse environmental effects

Sunlight, air pollution, and other environmental influences can worsen hair damage, especially when your hair is gone branched. Therefore, protect hair by using hair care products. If necessary wear a hat or umbrella when going out of the house during the day.

12. Enough nutritional needs hair

Similarly, the body also needs nutrients to stay healthy and beautiful. Eat spinach and carrots for vitamin A, salmon to get omega-3s, shellfish and cashews to get zinc.

In addition, whole grains, low-fat products, and vegetables can help keep hair and scalp healthy. Lack of such nutrients can cause hair to look dull, weak, and even fall out.

Sometimes, hair damage such as hyperthyroidism or eating disorders such as anorexia.

If you have done hair care correctly but branched problems still appear, it would be nice to do a medical check-up to determine the medical condition medically.

How easy is that? Those are some ways to deal with naturally branched hair that you can try at home. If anything is unclear or want to share tips about hair care, just submit it in the comments field.

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