12 The Most Powerful Coughs Medicine for Children and Adults Most Powerful

12 The Most Powerful Coughs Medicine for Children and Adults Most Powerful - In addition to the flu, cough is also one of the health problems that can attack anyone easily. Especially in the transition season as now, a lot of people who experience a cough. Whatever it is, the obvious cough is so annoying that inevitably makes us want to quickly treat it immediately.

Actually, cough is a natural response from the body to remove foreign objects. Eg like viruses, dust, mucus, and many more. Until now, there is no cough medicine that can stop the symptoms. What we should do when coughing is by boosting the immune system. Here are some natural cough remedies that might help.

12 The Most Powerful Coughs Medicine for Children and Adults Most Powerful

Traditional Coughs for Safe Children and Adults

Natural ingredients are chosen because in addition to safe, this material is also very easy to make our own at home. Therefore, herbal or natural cough medicine is perfect for all ages, from children to adults.

1. Lime

Talking about natural medicine, you must be familiar with lime. The fruit of the Latin name owner Citrus aurantifolia has been widely used in various purposes, including one of traditional cough medicine. It contains essential oils and a variety of important substances that can relax the muscles of the respiratory tract.

In addition, lime is also able to overcome the hoarseness caused by the cough itself. Combine with soy sauce to get the best results. But if you do not like, mixing with honey can also be an alternative choice. Immediately see how to make the following.

How to treat cough with lemon and soy sauce:

  • Squeeze half a lemon then mixed with soy sauce as much as 2 tablespoons.
  • Or if you do not like to replace soy sauce with honey.
  • Add 100 ml of warm water. Next drink while still warm 2-3 times a day. Usually within 2 days your cough will be reduced.

2. Natural ingredients (ginger, turmeric, and turmeric)

Natural herbs in the kitchen such as ginger, turmeric, and turmeric efficacious to inhibit respiratory contractions. Ginger contains anthihistamines that can help treat asthma and dry cough. While turmeric and turmeric contain antioxidants that nutritious to remove toxins in the body, prevent inflammation, and boost the immune system.

How to treat a cough with natural ginger:

  • Boil a few pieces of ginger using 300 ml of water. Wait until it boils and leaves half of it.
  • Add salt as needed. Then drink while still warm regularly.

How to treat a cough with natural turmeric:

  • Reported from lifestyle.okezone, puree a small piece of turmeric then mix it into a glass of warm milk.
  • Add a teaspoon of sugar or honey. Then drink while still warm.
  • Note: After drinking this herb you should not drink water first. So that the compound content in turmeric works in treating cough.

How to treat a cough with natural galingers:

  • Stomach kencur as needed along with ginger (optional). Add a little salt to increase the efficacy of the compounds of both spices.
  • Combine the ingredients you have prepared into a glass of warm water. Then drink while still warm at least 2x a day.
3. Star fruit wuluh

One more traditional cough medicine that has a sour taste like lemon. Yup, belimbing wuluh. Make no mistake, behind this sour taste it contains compounds such as antibacterial, antioxidants, and active ingredients that can calm throat itching due to symptoms of cough. Combine with honey or sweet soy sauce to get the best results.

How to cure cough with wuluh starfruit:
  • Provide soy sauce, honey, and fresh wuluh starfruit as needed.
  • Wayang belimbing wuluh using a spoon until smooth. Then input into a glass that already contains sweet soy sauce and honey.
  • Drink a little by using a spoon. Drink this natural cough medicine 2x a day.
  • Learn more about the benefits of star fruit.

4. Javanese acid and brown sugar

Reporting from diethealthclub.com, the main content of Javanic acid is acid. Which according to research the acid content can help treat cough, cold, fever, and bloating due to colds. Usually people used to make traditional cough medicine from Javanese acid by mixing it together with brown sugar. Here's how.

How to remove cough with natural java acid:
  • Provide as much as 10 grams of tamarind meat, brown sugar as needed, and one cup warm water.
  • Poured tamarind and brown sugar with a glass of warm water. Do not forget to stir to mix evenly.
  • Drink this traditional cough medicine routinely at least 1x a day.

5. Peel of mandarin orange

From now on when eating oranges do not throw away the skin. Because it contains anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. The essential oil content of d-limonene in it is very nutritious to neutralize stomach acid, boost the immune system, and relieve a dry cough.

In addition, according to research, consumption of orange peel in obese people is also efficacious to lower levels of bad cholesterol and excess sugar to normal numbers.

How to relieve cough with natural orange peel:
  • Boil 5 grams of dried mandarin orange peel using 2 cups water. Wait until it boils and leaves a glass.
  • Add honey to taste so it does not taste bland. After that drink, while still warm regularly at least 2x a day to get well soon.
6. Black pepper and natural honey

Black pepper according to be4tea sites can improve blood circulation, act as anti-depression, improve digestive system, and reduce the risk of colon cancer. Not only that, the spicy flavor after eating black pepper can also help reduce the phlegm in the throat while providing a sense of relief in the respiratory tract.

How to cough up phlegm with black pepper:
  • Blend some black pepper. Then place it on a spoon.
  • Add a few drops of honey to a little dilute.
  • Drink little by little so as not too spicy.
  • Usually within 1-2 days just dahal in the throat has much reduced.

7. Warm salt solution

Quoted from the NY Times on Sunday (11/03/2018), warm salt kitchen solution is attractive fluid, thereby helping to attract excess fluid that is in the throat. Not only sputum, but salt can also reduce sore throat due to cough.

How to treat cough with phlegm saline solution:
  • To get the best results, a doctor from Mayo Clinic suggested that one teaspoon of salt dissolved into one cup of warm water.
  • Then use to rinse one day at least 3x. Remember, after rinsing should urinate.
  • Read more: toothache medicine with salt.

8. Basil leaves

Usually basil leaves often we use as fresh vegetables when eating satay, grilled chicken, or catfish. In addition to helping scent the smell of breath, the content of high beta-carotene in basil is also powerful to boost the immune system. With increased immunity, of course, the cough colds you experience will soon heal.

How to cure cough with basil leaves:
  • Prepare as much as 2-3 glasses of water and 4 pieces of basil leaves.
  • Boil all the prepared ingredients into one.
  • Drink this basil leaves stew while still warm to get well soon.

9. Pineapple juice

A study proves that pineapple juice can help reduce mucus or phlegm five times larger than any cough syrup drug it. This is because the pineapple contains the enzyme bromelamin, an enzyme that can help fight inflammation and kill bacteria in the throat.

Even in a study published by De Pharma Chemical in 2010, it turns out a mixture of pineapple juice with chili, salt, and honey nutritious reduce mucus in the lungs. How to make it very easy, following the steps.
Blend the ripe pineapple as necessary with a blender. Next add salt, chili, and honey to taste.
Drink this natural cough medicine on a daily basis at least 1x to get well soon.

10. Eucalyptus leaves

Speaking of herbal cough remedies, eucalyptus crops are usually taken in oil and then used for heated oil telon. But apparently as quoted from the site vemale, eucalyptus leaves are also effective to cure dry cough you know. This happens because the eucalyptus leaves contain antioxidants that can increase the body's immune.

How to treat a cough with natural eucalyptus leaves:
  • Provide 10 grams of freshly picked eucalyptus leaves.
  • Boil the leaves with 3 glasses of water until the remaining glass.
  • Drink this herb while still warm on a regular basis.
11. Betel leaf

Betel leaf is suitable for cough medicine for child's cold. This cough medicine has actually been hereditary since the first. But because it is not preserved so that not many people know. Betel leaf is able to restore the immune system, reduce phlegm, and prevent excessive irritation. When a child is sick cough colds try to use this one drug, guaranteed to be healed.

How to treat a child's cough with betel leaf:
  • There are two ways, the first is by applying eucalyptus oil to the leaf and then stick it to the child's chest.
  • The second is to boil betel leaf and then consume boiled water. Do not forget to add honey so that your child likes it.

12. Get enough rest

Actually, the cough will heal itself along with the improvement of the immune system. Rest can be one way to improve our immune system. Therefore, you should increase the rest when you have a cold cough.

Try in a day you sleep rest not less than 8 hours. In addition, many consume water to balance the body fluids are maintained properly. Ideally, we are advised by experts to drink at least 2 liters in 24 hours.

Basically, cough will heal within 2-3 weekly. However, if more than three weeks should immediately consult a doctor to get the best treatment.

So many posts this time about natural cough medicine for children and adults that we can serve. If anything is still unclear just go ahead in the comment field below. Do not forget to share yes.

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