RESEP MEMBUAT CUPCAKE LUCU DENGAN MUDAH Ways and Cupcake Recipes Make Cute and Simple

Ways and Cupcake Recipes Make Cute and Simple 
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Cupcake Recipes - Cupcake is a mini-sized cake originating from America. In general, served in a paper cup cupcake so that a more practical without the need to use a spoon or fork and plate to serve these snack cakes. As a mini sized cake and decorated with very attractive, many well-loved by all the children and adults. Cupcake is usually served in a variety of events, such as birthdays, Idul Fitri, Christmas or anytime you want.
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What's interesting about this Cupcake Recipe is usually decorated using butter cream, fondant / plastic icing, so you can establish what you keingginan corresponding to decorate a cupcake. Generally shaped cupcake decoration plants, animals, cartoon figures and much more.
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Cupcake recipes

With such a cute decoration, you may also be curious to make their own cupcake but still confused with How to Make Cupcake. If you are curious to make a cupcake, below we will help you to prepare the materials and equipment needed to make a cupcake, as follows:
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210 grams of starch
35 gr butter / butter
30 g margarine
125 grams of powdered sugar
50 ounces cream cheese
35 grams of liquid milk
1 tsp baking powder
20 g green tea powder (according to taste)
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How to Make Cupcake:
Whisk or mixer flour butter, margarine, cream cheese and sugar until smooth evenly.
Put the eggs one at a time with the flour, then shake the dough at medium speed, pour the milk and mix well.
After the dough evenly and fluffy, pour batter into muffin tins that have been given a pad of paper cup
Oven the dough for 20 minutes with a temperature of 190 degrees Celsius.
Once the dough looks cooked, remove and let cool.

Panda Cupcakes
Ways to Use Butter Cream Cupcake Decorating:
Before you can buy butter cream sold in markets and supermarkets or create your own.
Flatten the surface of the cupcake using a knife.
Brush the surface of the cupcake with butter cream evenly.
Put butter cream into a plastic triangle that has previously been given to taste food coloring.
Put the syringe to form a decorative pattern into the plastic end has been given a small hole.
You can also start decorating on the surface of the cupcake suit your taste and creativity respectively.

Ways Decorate with Fondant cupcake / Plastic Icing:
Fondant shapes resembling playdough / candle night that used to be a toy for children.
Roll out fondant by grinding using a rolling pin or a clean glass bottle.
Brush the surface of the first cupcake with butter.
Cut fondant according to the size of the artificial surface of your cupcake, then put on the surface of the cupcake.
Make various forms of decoration to your taste by using icing cutter.
After the decoration has been created so that you, paste over the surface which has been coated fondant cupcake and spread a little water as glue.
Cupcake also has served on the serving dish can be enjoyed with family and for your friends.

Cupcake recipe as above you can practice at home with ease. But as attention, that the fondant-covered cupcake can not stand the cold temperatures and humid, therefore cupcake decorated with fondant should not be included in the fridge, just in the wind-wind with a fan or air-conditioned room of stored.

Cupcake recipes

Knowing How to Make Cupcake, you can invite friends or family to be creative with making cute cupcake according to the taste of each. A few reviews on Ways and Cupcake Recipes Make Cute and simple, may be useful and add insight you all

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