You like to eat a cupcake? Usually cupcake made ​​using the oven, but this time we will try to make a cupcake steamed. For the resulting flavor, guaranteed to arouse your taste. In addition, we can also add other variations in steamed cupcake will we make, even gentleness equally steamed cupcake with cupcake oven's results. Well, you are curious about how to make it right. To make it, prepare the ingredients needed.

How to Make Delicious Steamed Cupcake 
Bird's nest cupcakes (homemade vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut) - love how she turned the eggs on top into little birds!

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To make this cupcake, for the First you have to prepare all the equipment and materials needed. Remember, it does not require oven baking in the making, just need a place to steaming the cake alone. For ingredients and recipe steamed cupcake is required.
Such cute cupcakes. What a great theme idea if you know it's a boy.

- 125 grams of margarine.

- 80 ml ​​of fresh liquid milk.

- 2-3 eggs.

- 150 grams of caster sugar.

- 200 grams of wheat flour.

- 30 grams of cocoa powder.

- 1 tsp vanilie.

- 1 tsp chocolate pasta.

- 1 tsp baking soda.

- And 1 tsp baking powder.
Angry Birds Cake & Cupcakes food-for-the-soul
How to make it:

o The first steamer that will prepare for steaming, and also prepare a muffin pan or can use a perforated pan steamed sponge with a diameter of 6 cm size with paper cupcake given.
Learn how to make bird nest cupcakes in my tutorial featured on @Better Homes and Gardens! #BHGprettyfood
o Melt the butter along with milk, remember, just until the butter melts and do not boil. Then lift and set aside.

o Beat sugar and eggs, but only until the sugar dissolves and do not get too much bubbly. Then enter the cocoa powder, flour, baking powder vanilie and also baking soda. Stir evenly.
@KatieSheaDesign Likes--> #Cake  Love Birds Cake by ChoueiriCakeCo.
o Enter the pasta along with the chocolate melted margarine, stir evenly.

o Pour the batter into the baking pan until almost full (approximately up to 7/8). Then steam for ± 20 minutes / until done. It is recommended to cover the steamer with a napkin, to avoid water droplets fall into the cake.
Bird's Nest Cupcakes in mason jars.  A perfect spring dessert!
o Lift off then drain before removed from the pan.

o Cupcake steamed ready to eat.
Easter Bird's Nest Cupcakes
For the cupcake that we just created, approximately 8-10 pieces for a cupcake. If you want to add variations on cupcake, can be coupled with a grain of chocolate chips, grated cheese or chocolate chips or raisins as well. You can also use the steamed cupcake recipe more innovative to produce a quality cupcake.

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