How to Make easy and simple Fried Rice

      The classic Chinese comfort dish,  It\'s  believed  The idea  fried rice (Chao Fan) originated  for the  city  regarding  Yangzhou  with  eastern Jiangsu province.  intended   inside  barbecued pork, shrimp  AND ALSO  spring onions, Yangzhou Fried Rice  can be  still  your current   official   where   many   additional  fried rice dishes  are  judged. But  people  don't need  for you to  follow  the  special recipe  to help   take pleasure in  fried rice  :   It has   the  way  to work with  up leftovers.
This  easy  fried rice recipe makes  a great  nice  solution   to help  steamed rice  like a  side dish,  or   You may  turn  This   in   a great  main  food   by  adding meat/seafood  AND ALSO  vegetables. (If  you happen to be  adding  various other  ingredients, increase  the   amount   of  eggs  to help  three).

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Basic Fried Rice Ingredients

2 green onions, finely chopped
2 large eggs
1 teaspoon salt
Pepper  to  taste
3 tablespoons oil  intended for  stir-frying,  or even   Equally  needed
4 cups  sooner  cooked rice,  at the least  1  night out  old
1 –  only two  tablespoons light soy sauce  or maybe  oyster sauce  In the same way   needed  (see  fill   your own      

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