FORCE - cloud cluster on the island of Lombok feels so close as if about to fall from the sky. The roar of the wind accompanying step by step I climbed one of the highest ground in Indonesia. 

In the distance, Mount Rinjani seen standing with pharmaceutics. Towering along the northern half of Lombok, Mount Rinjani (3726m), is the second highest volcano in Indonesia.
Beginning of the journey, the door Sembalun.

Rinjani has spiritiual value for the Hindu Balinese and Sasak tribe. For the Balinese, Rinjani is one of three mountains purified as it is considered the abode of the gods, after Semeru and Supreme. 
When approaching the island of Lombok, I've been fascinated with beauty. An unspoiled Bali, said the majority of people. I got lucky crossing the morning, so they can see the sunrise on the boat. I also had to go through three famous Gili islands from the ship. Here, the enchanting beauty of Lombok had begun.  
Map Rinjani. The red line is the rose, blue route down. Maps by lonely planet.

Arriving in Lombok, and after completing Aikmel logistics market, I headed Sembalun village using sand truck. Sembalun village is one pathway to Mount Rinjani National Park. When traveling to Sembalun, we had stopped at the Mount Three virgin to enjoy the sunset.
Hill three virgin

Rinjani is like another world, said my friend. How not, since the beginning of the climb we were treated to an exotic savanna, tropical forests are dazzling, and the hills are incredibly beautiful.
This is just the beginning, but it is very beautiful.

Still on the Hill three Dara

From basecamp Sembalun to post a savanna decorated like Teletubbies hill, I was a little cut through the woods on the advice of the population around it can save two hours. Around eleven I got to post one. But the name is savanna, there is rarely a tree, so I did not linger on this post due to sunburn, no wonder many are calling Rinjani 'mountain beach'.
Savana Sembalun
Desert wind blowing makes the weeds waving like millions of knitted so beautiful. There uncontested exotic there.
I was lucky the fog started to descend and slightly reduce sunburn. During the trip, I often met with foreign climbers. No wonder, Mount Rinjani is one of the famous tourist attraction in foreign countries. I was talking with one of Caucasians and he said, 'Indonesia was really beautiful .. ", I just smiled and said,' Indeed .. '
Accompany fog as it approached Plawangan Sembanlun

Shortly before sunset, I arrived in the post three. In this place I set up the tent and rest to prepare for the climb the next day.
His name sounds terrible. Torture hill, is the name of the place we passed on the second day of climbing. The steep hills because it makes us miserable climb seemed endless.

Here we often find a false peak, from a distance like the top of a hill but the actual subsequent hills are still covered in fog.

The climbers Rinjani

Alternative pathway is Bukit regret, tanjakannya relatively more gentle but longer mileage. But along the way that day, the scenery was very surreal. The sensation is like a walk in the sci-fi fantasy world.

Arriving in the post Plawangan Sembalun, clouds were already aligned with our feet. Here the weather was indeed another, already feels completely in the wild, nature adventurers.

Even when the wind blew his voice was heard clearly. Ahhh, I think I'd love to jump and dance on the cloud.

Plawangan Sembalun Afternoon

Sunset accompanied edelweiss flowers and clouds under foot. Fantastic!

Indonesia is incredible!

Plawangan Sembalun is the last post before the peak, with a height of about 2700 meters above sea level. Rinjani peak at an altitude of 3726 masl. Means there are about one km vertically, I imagine so lazy.
Plawangan Sembalun Sore Hari
Sunset ditemani bunga edelweiss dan awan dibawah kaki. Fantastis!
However, I will summit attack right fit at 12. The remains of my energy in order to collect the peak of Rinjani. Daypack, headlamp, snacks, P3K, water and prayer that I carry. My goal right at dawn I been at the top and take photos of the sunrise there.

Sandy track movement very difficult.

The path to the summit is sand, much like in semeru. The line was so terrible, the left-right straight wide chasm. I strongly agree summit attack begins the night so we do not fall first mentally see its path.

     "A climber was actually not conquer the highest tops poking into the sky, but it was to conquer the highest tops of himself as a man" - unknown
Semburat oranye di segara anak

Actually, when my last sand ramp is not strong at all. Wanted to fall down. But I was always encouraged by other climbers, which even I do not know. The shouts of encouragement they give me strength. Star-studded above also encouraged. The shadows of the people I love also suddenly appeared provide strength.

almost Peak

Break the limit. That the words are always in my mind. Rinjani always taught me to not give up under any circumstances. Step by step I have taken, although sometimes foot stuck in the sand, which only needed to do was step and continue to pray.

And ... I also gained was in Puncak Rinjani ..

Rinjani peak!

Rasaya want to cry but shy hehe. From the peak of 3726 meters above sea level, I can see all sides of the island of Lombok, Bali and Sumba island even!

In the distance Mount Agung in Bali stood smugly. Rinjani caldera view with a line of six kilometers, I felt to share froth on the ocean.

After shaking hands with every person in the Peak and a little picture taken, I must soon go down as the peak will be very hot and the water supply was low. When viewing the path down, my little creeps. But if we have found a rhythm, we can be like playing "sand skiing", as long as careful not to fall into the abyss.

Arriving at Plawangan back, I take a break and get ready to get down to the lake Segara children. Lake Segara children at an altitude of 1700 masl. The track is quite dangerous, because a lot of rocks and sand. Carefully stand here. I left too late so I was forced to make camp in the middle of the road. Moreover there is my friend who injured his leg and I found a father who missed from his entourage, this man did not bring a flashlight!

Towards Segara children

The morning we went to Lake Segara children, along the way we were treated to a panorama of the exotic. The hills like ancient times before us. My imagination says if there is a T-Rex here is definitely good.

Lake Segara children provide tremendous shock, hot spring! Ahhh, it feels so delicious soak in hot water after a tiring journey. Rinjani is full of surprises. I am almost two hours there soaking accompanied by equally wild monkeys who want to steal food.

Fishing at Segara Anak. Big fish!

The most I can not forget from Lake Segara child is at the time of sunset. It's hard to describe it with words. Afternoon sun shining on the mountains around the child immediately. I feel like not in Indonesia. But this is really Indonesian man! I am totally in love with Indonesia!

Orange tinge in the immediate child

On the way home, there was a little incident, we ran out of water. Somehow springs in the post three and two lanes heading Senaru everything dry. In fact, according to information from the above and from the porter that we asked, there is no source of water. Finally we helped a team that had gone down first, they brought water and wait at the post.

Arriving at the gate of the village of Senaru, only gratitude I feel. I went straight up the truck to return to the city of Mataram. After a brief stop at the home of a colleague last night, the next day I went back to Jakarta after a quick stop at Kuta beach.

Thank you Rinjani, thank you for all the beauty and your miracle, thank you for giving confidence that the dreams we can achieve it if we never give up, thank you for the warmth of friends over, thank God for letting me see a little the beauty of your creation .. Until we meet again!

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