Recipe Steamed Bolu


     200 grams sugar.
     2 eggs.
     275 gr flour protein yield was.
     225 ml of fresh soft drinks such as Sprite or f & n.
     2 tsp emulsifier (sp / tbm).
     1/2 tsp baking powder.
     1/2 tsp vanilla essence.
     2 drops food coloring 1 (eg, red, pink, etc.)
     2 drops of food coloring 2 (eg green, blue, etc.)

How to Make:

     Mix the following ingredients; granulated sugar, eggs, and then beat until stiff emulsifier for about 10 minutes.
     Sieve / strain flour and baking powder alternately and mix with soft drinks and shake gently. Next input the vanilla essence and mix until blended.
     To be more attractive steamed sponge cake then take 50 grams of dough for colored 1 then stir until blended. Then take 50 grams of dough again and let dye 2 mix. The rest of the dough let white.
     Put the dough on a white mold that has been steamed sponge cake coated paper. Give the dough by adding color variations 1 and 2 at the top.
     Furthermore, steam for 10 minutes over high heat.

Tips For Developing Bloom Bolu:

     Each made ​​a good dough using soda water newly purchased. Results less than the maximum if using soda water that has been open since soda has evaporated.
     Use a high-speed mixer when the dough whisk for 15 minutes. Make sure the dough is really expanding.
     The good use of molds made ​​of perforated aluminum. Because the aluminum will make the heat evenly to the  steamed sponge cake was fluffy maximum bloom.
     In filling the dough in the mold make sure parallel to the prints. If not aligned will affect the results do not inflate.
     Before entering sponge cake in steamer steamer pot should be heated up in a pot of boiling water.
     Cover the steamer pan cover with a clean cloth aimed water so that not absorb moisture dripping on the cake when steamed.
     Preferably do not ever open the steamer pot cover the cake completely before cooking. Normally it takes for sponge cake actually cook about 10 minutes just to be opened.
     To check  cake should use a stick to make sure. The trick is to pierce the dough using a stick, if there is no dough that sticks to stick it stands to reason that the sponge is really ripe.

  Steamed sponge cake recipe
Similarly, recipes and how to make steamed sponge cake and fluffy perfect bloom. Please try to practice at home and you should not need to experiment directly in large quantities.

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