Recipe Braised Most Delicious Soft Jengkol 

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Recipe Braised Jengkol Most Delicious Soft - Typical Betawi. How to make it is a bit long but quiet sob because it was easy. Lots of reseper's that soak her several days to produce a soft jengkol, but I think it's too long to cook foods that have the distinctive odor. Indeed, if we eat these foods we will issue a breath odor typical of jengkol, I myself do not like to jengkol initially, but over time it tastes good though if in Prescriptions place with my style recipe. Jengkol itself is very much of its enthusiasts, the most is the parents, but not a few young people who are also very interested in this food.

Jengkol tender stew recipe

Jengkol stews padded material:
500 grams of medium quality jengkol
4 bay leaves
7 lime leaves
2 cm galangal, digeprek only
condensed soy sauce to taste
salt to taste and flavor <
water to boil

Subtle flavor stews jengkol:

8 spring onions
4 cloves of garlic
5 pieces of red chili sauce (can be added if you like spicy)
3 eggs hazelnut
pepper to taste

How to make stews jengkol padded:
Boil jengkol already peeled with a covered pot until tender, about 2 hours. If the water runs out of his ari add more.
If it is soft, remove from heat, let cool and then flatten all jengkol, set aside.
Heat oil, saute ground spices, ginger, bay leaves and lime leaves until fragrant wait while occasionally stirring.
Put jengkol, stir well, then pour a little water mix again until evenly cooked.
Add sweetened condensed soy sauce, salt and flavoring, stir evenly.
Wait until the water dries up and the flavors to infuse into the meat jengkol, lift.
Jengkol Serve with a plate of warm white rice.

Jengkol stew that has a distinctive odor is ready you eat, and it was certainly tasty recipe because style. And of course you had a great time saver because no need to soak jengkol many days it's very boring. Share jengkol tender stew recipe is most delicious to all your friends mate, because I'm sure they need this recipe.

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