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Development of mobile technology often makes us surprised. Very fast and unpredictable. Five years ago, people are still not trusted cell phone camera can be used as appropriate. Has now found many fist-sized mobile phone that could be used shooting.
When people are still photographing crafts, and send the shots via MMS, video streaming-enabled mobile phones were introduced to the public. Very useful for monitoring traffic congestion, for example.
Next, also began host mobile phones that can be used to watch television, movies, karaoke and so can be used. So, sometimes there are questions like this: This phone is equipped with a digital camera, or digital camera that can use  call?
Naturally, if the question was. For the basic mobile phone functions completely offset if not covered by other functions are real at first compliment
With an unusually rapid progression we can certainly expect in the future following phones will be more advanced applications and over again is unimaginable. Maybe in the future shift the primary function of a cell phone. Its main function as a communication tool, it is merely a compliment. For forms and other functions to phone a low profile.
For example, now began to be developed mobile phone-shaped glasses. The glass serves as a screen that can display a person's face. While electronic devices buried handle glasses. Mobile phones operate entirely on the goggles voice commands. So, people do not get caught are using mobile phones.
On the other hand applications, too. Future people no longer have to bother with medication cards, medical records, x-rays, and so on, when the hospital for treatment. Adanaya system integration of data across various institutions and communication networks, to make things that can be done via phone.
All of that fact, once again showed the presence of technological nature for mankind. Which facilitates human life. Complicate rather than humans.

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wirman valkinz said...

artikel yang bermanfaat ne sobb..

Anonymous said...

da yg lain ga gan maslah teknology jg artikelnya..lok da shre y

doni said...

artikelnya mantepppp

wira said...

thanks sob dh pd mampir..

wira said...

ok gan dtgu j dpostingan ane yang brikutnya...

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