SAMPLE COLLECTION PANTUN


A. Pantun advice

a. Palm leaves in a wire bundle
Let's get to Brastagi
In order to gain a strong
Let us do physical exercises in the morning

b. If the sword of the body
The number is the cure
Pabila liver injury because of the word
Only apologize as medicine

c. Termite decorated with thorns
Erect fences arrows reef
Good at maintaining self-pandailah
In order not to be insulted people

d. The coconut palm fruit
Purchased the father of the pecan
Thou diligent to learn
For future supplies

e. Yellow in the center hall
Parasites grow taller
Not good at negotiating with people
Like a thorn pestle pencukil

2. Pantun joy

a. Cut off on the bricks
Two-two was tied into one
I sent a letter solace
Hopefully a healthy mother has always

b. Pigeon pigeon
Fly to the sky area
Who would not be happy hearts
Because I have the next grade

c. Buy clothes becorak orange
Find a papaya in the field
I shout happily sign
Seeing the father bearing gifts
d. Highly come take a swim
Jackfruit fertile near the lake
All the kids jumped happily
Karna holiday to Australia

e. Early in the morning to buy a mango
Tie a broom stick with a wire
The hearts of parents to be proud
See brother promoted

3. limerick

a. Butterfly flying across
Perch suck the flowers wilt
This heart to be indecisive
See climbing fish timber

b. Really wide rice in marshy
Buried close to midnight
Astonished servant thought
Hen kicked Weasel

c. Mangosteen trees at the edge of the swamp
Place grandfather slept tadpoles
Grandmother was crying laughing
See grandparents playing marbles

d. From going to the silver ambon
Stopping briefly to semarang
Bobon steal the crust
Black nose contact with charcoal

e. Teachers Sarmatian buy batik
Batik tied with a thread
Prince of ducks flying spirit
See chicken swimming race

New blogger friend is okay bit of a collection of my poems examples, for more details I will post it in the next issue. For your attention I say Thank you ............

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