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Prose is a free essay is not bound by the number of stanzas, lines and rhymes. The whole poem or a prose essay lamabaik, use the Malay-Arabic letters

According to his day / time Dapa prose can be divided into two, namely:

Prose is the form of a bouquet of free time that is not tied to the number of stanzas, lines and rhymes with the characteristic:
- Static Characteristically, the shape and content remain
- Patterned sentries
- No mention of the name of the author.

Old in the Malay literary prose divided into:

a. Tale
A. Myth is the myth that the story related to the supernatural, as gods, fairies or gods

For example:
Nyai roro south
Nyai pellet
Dewi Sinta giant king Ravana kidnapped king
Nyai blorong
Invisible dragon, dal etc.

2. Sage
Ssage is written based on the heroic tales, supernatural powers, or the might of princes, kings or certain figures relating to the history.

For example:
Fairy tales hangs good luck
Vizier Gajah Mada
Roro jaonggrang
King Ken Arok
Fortunately surpati
Cinde barrel

3. Fable
Fable is a story written by using the figures of animals that can talk and act like humans

The deer
White alligator
Goats and roosters
Queen of rats
Dalillah and damminah
Arrogant crow

4. Legend
Legend is the tale of a natural occurrence, the origin of a place, a region, or an object.

Temple of Borobudur
The occurrence of mountain Tangkuban boat
The occurrence of extensive cave in bali
Malin Kundang tale
The occurrence of a thousand temples
Benyuwangi the city, etc.

5. Heart stimulator
Heart stimulator is a comedy developed in the community.

The kebayan
Pack of locusts story
Lebai unfortunate stories
Joko bodho
Story of the pack already Bangka
Yassin Haj stories a stingy, etc.

The new prose is a form of free writing is not bound on the number of stanzas, lines and rimanya to have abandoned the classical form.

Its features are:
- Dynamic, change with changing times
- Describe the daily life
- The name of the author mentioned.

The basic idea PROSE BY TYPE (shape)

a. Essay writing fiction is that it emphasized the element of fantasy or fiction author.

Prose fiction made
​​up of:

A. romance
Roman is a new prose work contains stories written about human life in detail. The actors who support the story is told in detail, from the small, mature, until death.

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