Collection of examples of English poetry

Collection of examples of English poetry for the primary and general

Lely interest

White color is interesting
A dream of every insane
I want to have
To decorate my room later


I really love you
In this chest are you
How great your services
I want to hit back

Ornamental fish

Your body looks dashing
Very beautiful colors sisikmu
Siripmu constantly moving
Dance like an angel heaven


Garden behind my house
Many flowers grow on it
Red, yellow, white, and purple
Blooming appeal to me

Little star

In front of the camera you're not clumsy
Moreover, to confuse
Accompanied by drums or calung
You're still on the stage

Little Dreams

I want to be an angel mama
Like the story of feature films
Kutolong those who suffer
Kubasmi sipembalut disaster

Came into the world to bring blessings
That all children be prosperous
Snap the stick ......... Abrahkadabrah!
Created already semuah ..........


Here we used to joke
Here we have reflected together
Stared at the paper math test
Bertapapun face and his head is where that leads us
Leads us to grow up
Being a young man who dared to fight
Building a religion, nation, and the State

Kite - Kite

Beautiful meandering
Dancing like a fairy
I want to follow
Fly to the sky high


O youth know yourself
The boat is the imagery of your life
It is not how long your life
To eternal life hereafter also


Trembling voice shaking your engines
O king mastered air space
Roaring, rumbling oblique spin
Churning propeller shaft

Tiny doll

Your eyes are captivating nodes
Smooth cheek ...... ....... iihhh want kucubit
If you go to bed later
Your body naturally kuselimuti

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