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            Now I will tell my life story from childhood to adulthood. But before that I would introduce myself first, my name is muslihat wiradiputra , I used to be called wira, age I am now 23 years old, I was a student at one private university in the capital Mataram where I live. in addition to college I also worked as a sports teacher at one primary school in my area. Why I teach sports? Yes because the majors that I took in college are majoring in sports. Well it's a little summary of the articles I will write now, I'll tell you more details from beginning to end. Let's Start…………….
            The story begins in 1996, when I was a new age of 5 years, I lived in a village called Village terong tawah, my parents live with me and my twin brother named Wirman. At the age of 7 years old I entered elementary school located in front of my house that the school is named SDN 1 Terong tawah. During my first year in school there, why I am there just one year? That's because I moved house and I had to also have to change schools. During my stay there exactly in the village of terong tawah many memories that occurred from the memories of funny, happy and sad memories of all that I spent in the village. But the thing or experience that I can not forget is playing with village children there, ranging from fishing in the river, chasing kites laying off, until the rice field arrest birds, all of that I spent a happy, really difficult experience I forgot until now.
As of my move from village to housing in the city, I began to forget the names of my friends little village was caused probably because I've got new friends here besides that it caused me to change schools jug, but let it be the memories of my childhood . Okay we proceed, after 5 years of basic education received his new school, I also graduated with a hefty fine and I was in junior high school went on a Labuapi. here I did not lose a sweet memories, ranging from dating to know his name known to fall in love. Besides that, all I also have a best friend named Okto, you could say my brother and called him, because where there otherwise I would have him he's there where there is no me. Interval of 3 years in junior high school I was finally passed, and I also gained a very satisfactory test scores. so the value I get this, I could get in high school favorites that I like, but there is one school that became the target of this school, although I am not including a school favorite, but there is one advantage of this school is famous for its achievements this school because the school gym the school's sports. Then what is interesting? Precisely interesting sport, because my hobby is to sports. almost all the sports I was good at sports ranging from badminton, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and table tennis. but among all the sports that there is one sport that became my specialty is sport of table tennis, knowing my family is a family of table tennis, all my family members can play table tennis from the father, mother and my sister all the sports master this one. Beginning of my fascination with this sport is originated from the sport introduced him by my father. it was he who trained me to be able to master sport say this is not surprising that I often take table tennis championships starting from school level, regional level, and regional levels. say very much in love that's why this one sport. I also gained a short story to go enroll in high school sport, after going through several test finally me goals accomplished, I was accepted at the school. There really is not too happy memories during my school there, it's just that I got a different experience, exactly when I was elected to my local representative to follow "The student sports weekend" (POPDA) I get not think I was much less chance to represent the area , I am really very happy that time. I had a week of activities, many things I get for my follow these activities ranging from a new friend to the top I get the first winner of the event. It was a difficult experience to forget.
            After 3 years I was in high school sports iam graduated from there. I went on to attend one of the private universities. Some readers may wonder why choose college in private? why not in this country alone? Well this was because I was not welcome in the community college, until I switched on private college and I majored in sports because of my ideals that have always wanted to be a PE teacher to me appointed as a teacher at one primary school in my residence and a physical education teacher at the school until now.
Well maybe this little trip of my life that I shared with readers as well. I'll tell you another time with more complete. For all the attention of readers of all I thank you very much and see you in my next article. I'll see you again .................................

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