INDONESIA  LITERATURE

A. Distribution of literature Indonesia

A. According to the above we
can literary form:

a. Prose is a free essay, it is not bound by the terms, other than by the structure of language and grammar.

The types of prose contain its contents:
A. Prose
Essay written by the reality.
2. Prose narrative
Essays are written in chronological order
3. Prose exposition
Essay written by the manufacturing process
4. Prose persuasion
Essay, written to influence readers.
5. Prose argument
Essay written by reason.

b. Poetry is written by a bound. Followers are:
A. Number of lines in each stanza.
2. Number of syllables or words in each sentence or line,
3. Rhythm
4. Rhyme words, rhymes or rhyme

c. The lyrics or lyrical prose essay which is not bound by the number of stanzas, lines, or
rhyme but attach great importance to the rhythm. So the transition from lyric prose to poetry or prose from poetry to prose vice versa. Lyric prose is often called rhythmic prose.

d. Drama, literature, depicted in the form of free language and length, and is described by using the dialogue or monologue.

2. By type of literature can be divided into:
imaginative Literature, the literature written by the imagination (imagination) of the author. Imaginative literature is divided into two, namely:
a. Prose is free to work can be written in long form, in any sequence
disclosure.b. Poetry is the work that is bound by the temple, and the lines rhyme. The language is easy, solid, precise but implies strong.

2. The history of literature can be divided into:
literature . old, is living and growing Literature in the old society of Indonesia. The old literature is divided into:
a. Literature primeval
b. Hindu-Buddhist era literature
c. Literature Islamic era
d. Arabic-Malay literary era
2. Literature or the time of transition Abdullah bin Abdulkadir musnyi, namely literary life dizaman Abdullah bin Abdulkadir munsyi.

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