Collection of poetry examples

                                               Collection of poetry examples

Semarang, the largest city in Central JavaCounty townLocated in the northOverlooking the Java Sea
Here lies the University DiponogoroAirfields and yani AhnadCities are often located in flood plains becauseEspecially when high tide and heavy rain overflow
Weather was scorching hot in the afternoonDue to the influence of sea waterBut when it's convenient eveningThe wind was blowing with semilirnya
Busy city day and nightPerform the tasks of lifeResidents busy peopleLooking bafkah: a bite of rice

By: Korrie Layun Rampan

Surabaya is a city of heroesFamous for its ten-NovemberWhere arek-arek Surabaya to take up armsInsolence against colonialism
Named port of silver capeTo remember those who diedIn the current battleAgainst the Nica
The city is densely populatedThe second largest city after JakartaIt lies to the east overlooking the island of MaduraCrossed the river, Kali mas name
From this it is easy to go recreationalFor example, to Tretes or to SelectaLots of historicalOf the several kingdoms of yore
There Airlangga UniversityAnd the Institute of Technology, November tenAs well as some high schoolsSuch as the State Teachers' Training College
Surabaya weather was hot enoughBecause of its location on the waterfront
                               By: Korrie Layun Rampan

Jewelery parkI likeAs the drugI couldAll-purpose?That peopleCall myself.Nock daunkuMemancur gatahkuPerspective of collectingYou getShampooSharp barbedLong serratedThat daunkuSuch as aloe veraBeing stretched like aOnly the thumb ofMyself to my feetTherefore INo strong uprightHeat illness?Can I HealCut the fleshCrushed and then stickBurn wounds?Take my sapThen applyUndoubtedly recoverByeMy name: Aloe vera

                         By: L.k. Ara

Go to the wider world, my son sayingGo to the free life!During the wind is the wind granulesAnd the morning sun leaves menyinarIn the jungle and the desert greenGo to sea, my son sayingGo into the wild!During the day not eveningAnd the color has not been rosy twilightClose the door the pastIf the image has fadedAnd sea eagles return to nestThe wind blows to the continentPoles will dry himselfAnd skippers know the guidelines,You should come to me!Back home, saying ankkuBack opposite the night!If kapalmutelah tightly to the edgeWe will tell"On the morning of love and life"
                                  By: Asrul Sani

NATURAL village
Your morning dewBlossomOn my home pageRefreshing natural surroundings
I saw the blue skyGreener pasturesGrain - grain that yellowingThat contains bending moment
How beautiful nature villageThe village where I was bornThe village is full of memoriesThat can not be forgotten.

                             By: Asri Bestari R

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